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Houston woman sues for termination following cancer

A Houston woman who suffered from cancer recently filed a lawsuit against her former employer for termination after she was diagnosed and required time off work for both cancer treatment and apparent work-related stress. She worked as a producer for a local television station where she had received numerous accolades for her performance before the cancer diagnosis came. She was required to take a medical leave of absence for a necessary treatment to combat the cancer and believes the process of her illness ultimately led to her termination.

When she was able to return to work, she felt she was forced to function in a hostile work environment. The producer went to human resources, where she made a complaint about the abusive behavior she was experiencing from colleagues. She claims the situation became progressively difficult after she voiced her concerns.

The victim believes she was denied an opportunity to advance with the station when she was not permitted to interview for a promotion. The stressful work environment allegedly caused her health to continue to decline, requiring additional leave from work and a hospital stay. When she was able to return again, she was placed on paid leave and terminated.

She has accused her former Houston employer of violating the Family Medical Leave Act and interfering with her benefits, in addition to discrimination, retaliation and wrongful termination. Her lawsuit has requested she be returned to her previous position and compensated for damages and other court-associated expenses. A person who survives a serious illness and believes they were let go as a result may feel they should seek restitution for the injustices they have suffered, much as this woman has.

Source:, "Houston TV producer claims job loss following cancer treatments", Kelly Holleran, Aug. 19, 2014

Source:, "Houston TV producer claims job loss following cancer treatments", Kelly Holleran, Aug. 19, 2014

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