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August 2014 Archives

Houston woman sues for termination following cancer

A Houston woman who suffered from cancer recently filed a lawsuit against her former employer for termination after she was diagnosed and required time off work for both cancer treatment and apparent work-related stress. She worked as a producer for a local television station where she had received numerous accolades for her performance before the cancer diagnosis came. She was required to take a medical leave of absence for a necessary treatment to combat the cancer and believes the process of her illness ultimately led to her termination.

Discrimination lawsuit against Houston employer

It can be difficult and stressful for a victim to do their job when discrimination in the workplace is present. When the abuse is perpetrated by management, a person may question their job security and how they should manage the situation. A discrimination lawsuit against a Houston media company will move forward after being recently reviewed by a judge.

Texas sheriff sentenced for sexual harassment

A former Texas sheriff recently pleaded guilty to accusations of sexual harassment against a colleague. The incident occurred while he and the victim were traveling together for work-related reasons. Experiencing sexual harassment in a contained situation may leave a victim with many questions regarding his or her rights and what the next step should be.

Houston company charged for retaliation for reporting abuse

Some warehouse layouts allow employees to be placed in close proximity to one another, while other layouts cause employees to be isolated when completing their work duties. This isolation can increase the risk of harassment and can foster unnoticed retaliation for reporting sexual harassment. A potato warehouse operated by a Houston based management company was recently accused of allowing harassment in one of their warehouse environments and retaliation for reporting abuse.

Texas VA clinic accused of hostile work environment

A hostile work environment can make it difficult for employees to function and complete their duties as required. A Texas VA health clinic has recently been accused of unrealistic work expectations and inappropriate work conditions which have led to a high rate of employee resignation. A woman previously employed with the clinic has voiced concerns regarding a potentially hostile work environment at the facility.

Race discrimination at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau?

Government positions in Texas and throughout the country should be places where race discrimination is nonexistent. Recent accusations against the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau were the instigating force behind an investigation into possible mistreatment of employees and a hostile work environment. A formal inquiry by the Government Accountability Office will investigate and determine whether the allegations of retaliation and racial discrimination are true. If so, legislators may address what steps are necessary to ensure that the misconduct is effectively prevented and not repeated.

Lawsuit against USPS for employer retaliation is filed

Employer retaliation can come in many forms and may threaten the career success of a worker who is victim to the deceptive actions of their place of work. Texas employees who have been retaliated against may feel fearful of their safety. The U.S. Labor Department recently filed a suit against the U.S. Postal Service for employer retaliation against a postal worker.

Texas meteorologist sues for violation of employee rights

Employee rights are protected through laws like the Federal Medical Leave Act and other regulations to protect a person’s position if they miss work due to illness. A Texas employee who has suffered medical problems due to their work conditions may have anxiety about job security and financial strain. A Texas television meteorologist recently filed a lawsuit on the federal level against his employer for numerous grievances regarding his employee rights.

Gender discrimination lawsuit against Texas company is appealed

Gender discrimination can be a toxic practice in the workplace, creating a tense atmosphere where victims suffer needlessly. An employee in Texas that is victimized by gender discrimination may decide to voice their concerns in an attempt to end the discrimination and hold the employer responsible. A woman who believes she suffered gender discrimination filed a claim against her employer after she was terminated.

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