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July 2014 Archives

Employee rights may protect against harassment in Texas

Employee rights can protect a worker from a number of injustices -- harassment being one of them. When employee rights are violated through lack of protection in the workplace or wrongful termination, a Texas worker may question his or her ability to stand up against the injustice. A woman who recently experienced harassment while on the job has made the decision to pursue legal action against the party she believes is responsible.

High level of sexual harassment among field scientists

Working in a destination-specific work environment can contain unique health and safety risks. When sexual harassment is added to the environment, it can increase feelings of isolation and stress, creating an even more hazardous work environment. Many professional men and about half of all working women in Texas will experience sexual harassment while on the job during their career.

Texas club accused of failure to pay wages earned and due

When a company’s failure to pay wages earned and due affect more than one employee, it can cause disruption in the workplace and leave staff with feelings of mistrust. Recently, multiple dancers from a Texas club made the decision to pursue a lawsuit against their place of work. They believe they are owed compensation from their employer’s failure to pay wages earned and due.

Texas man may have suffered employer retaliation for compassion

Experiencing employer retaliation for a choice or decision to help another person at work can be difficult for a person to understand. A victim of workplace mistreatment may seek help in understanding their rights and how to make the harassment stop. A Texas man employed as a security supervisor at a military base recently made accusations against management for employer retaliation.

Protection from retaliation for reporting abuse in Texas

When a person works for a Texas organization or company in a contracted position, they may be protected by similar rights and regulations that permanent employees are entitled to, including retaliation for reporting alleged abuse. An employer may choose to forgo the renewal of a contract for personal reasons, prejudices or retaliation for reporting abuse and leave a previously contracted employee professionally damaged. Some companies may believe they do not have to adhere to certain practices or requirements regarding termination and renewal for their contracted workers.

Sexual harassment among police officers in Texas

A Texas resident who works in the police department or near officers may feel a certain sense of protection or safety while at work. When this confidence is broken through sexual harassment by a police officer, it can be difficult to trust a person in uniform. A victim who desires to report the sexual harassment may seek help in making a claim and protecting themselves.

Texas Whataburger employee claims workplace discrimination

Workplace discrimination can not only cause emotional and mental damages to a person, but has the potential to escalate into physical abuse. When this happens, a victim may feel anger and confusion in the midst of their suffering. A Texas woman employed at a Whataburger recently claimed to have experienced workplace discrimination due to her weight and other personal traits which eventually escalated into her being injured at work.

Texas restaurant charged with failure to pay minimum wage

Some employees may lack the confidence or desire to confront their place of business when their wages do not match their hours worked for many reasons. However, failure to pay minimum wage is illegal in many places and has a negative effect on the company and employees involved. Recently, a Texas restaurant was ordered to provide $800,000 in restitution for failure to pay minimum wage to employees.

Reporting workplace sexual harassment in Texas

Some victims of workplace sexual harassment may have anxiety about reporting the incident for fear of retaliation or termination by their employer. State and federal laws exist to help protect employees from being abused or mistreated at work in any context and may offer protection to a person who decides to make a report. A victim of workplace sexual harassment in Texas may therefore question why this behavior continues to remain prevalent in a professional atmosphere.

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