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June 2014 Archives

Court decides ruling for wrongful termination in Texas

A Texas employee who witnesses an illegal or immoral act in the workplace may have conflicting feelings over reporting the information. Fear of wrongful termination or employer retaliation can sometimes be difficult to overcome when deciding to act with integrity and make a report. A recent Supreme Court ruling decreed that employees who testify regarding public concerns that include corruption are protected from wrongful termination in response.

Disabled workers suffered abuse and workplace discrimination

Two Texas men who both suffer from mental impairment are the surviving victims of a situation that rendered them both helpless against workplace discrimination and abuse. A person who suffers oppression in the workplace may question their rights as an employee as they make the decision to speak up. The workplace discrimination that the abused workers suffered may have inflicted lifelong difficulties on the men.

Texas school district gets attention for race discrimination

Race discrimination can be terrible for a victim to experience and can cause long-term emotional and professional damage. A person who has suffered harassment because of their ethnicity may question his or her rights as an employee. A Texas school district has been exposed for potential staff-led racism in the form of iconic decor used at a party and for deliberate racial discrimination against a former employee.

Employer retaliation suit against UPS for alleged discrimination

Prejudice and racial discrimination can be damaging in a work setting and create uncomfortable confrontations between staff. Laws in Texas exist to protect the integrity of workers and ensure they have the ability to perform their duties in an atmosphere of equality and respect free of employer retaliation. A group of employees and former workers recently brought a civil case against UPS for employer retaliation after they voiced their concerns regarding racial discrimination.

Court clerk wins settlement in sexual harassment case in Texas

Even though employers across the country, Texas included, have provided an increase in human resources training regarding harassment in the workplace, situations still arise. Sexual harassment is a huge concern that affects both men and women; no one is immune. It can effect job performance and make employees feel helpless. Economically speaking, the fear of losing a job if a complaint is filed is certainly a valid concern and may prevent some from taking action.

Jury awards $183,000 for wrongful termination

Most companies in Texas have employee handbooks, policies and procedures in place to inform their workers about company regulations expectations. One item typically included within such a handbook is disciplinary procedures and steps that will be taken in the event that a worker chooses not to follow company policies and rules. It is reasonable to expect workers to abide by the information contained within the employee handbook. A jury in another state has also indicated that the company is responsible for abiding by the information contained within this same employee handbook. It returned a verdict in favor of the employee in her wrongful termination claim against her employer.

Former Texas chief accuses city of employer retaliation

Employer retaliation can cause great damage to a worker in their professional and private life. A victim may miss advancement opportunities or be denied their rightful wages when employer retaliation is exercised against them. A former Texas police chief recently pressed charges against his employer for failure to provide proper compensation and potential retaliation in connection with the problem.

Federal contractors and their failure to pay wages earned and due

Government laws and regulations exist to protect workers from an employer's failure to pay wages earned and due. When a Texas employee does not receive his or her rightful compensation, he or she may have fears of losing a job or of retaliation in another form. The fear of losing additional pay may be difficult for many people to overcome and still find the courage to file a complaint for an employer's failure to pay wages earned and due.

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