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May 2014 Archives

Fire department in Texas accused of race discrimination

When a person is denied an opportunity because of race discrimination, they may feel a combination of anger and sorrow. Federal and State regulations exist to give all eligible applicants the ability to pursue a city position regardless of their ethnicity, age or gender. A settlement was recently proposed between a city in Texas and the U.S. Department of Justice for purported race discrimination within a local fire department.

Police department in Texas accused of sexual harassment

Police department academy training can be intense for many Texas recruits, requiring them to exert and dedicate themselves. When sexual harassment occurs within a classroom setting, it may be difficult for the police to properly address and report the situation. An external investigation of the Dallas Police Department has been requested after two female trainees purportedly experienced sexual harassment.

Settlement proposed for wrongful termination suit

An employee that voices safety concerns that ends in wrongful termination may feel confusion regarding their rights in Texas. A person who has suffered professional damage from their previous place of employment may choose to investigate their options for severance. A woman recently reached a preliminary settlement with her former employer for her alleged wrongful termination.

Texas power company LP&L accused of workplace retaliation

Retaliation in the workplace can have a devastating effect on company morale and the professional career of those involved. It can leave an employee with feelings of insignificance and worry. A Texas employee recently filed a complaint against the CEO and two supervisors at Lubbock Power & Light for employment retaliation on-the-job.

Adverse employment action in Texas through transfers

When situations of an inappropriate nature occur in a Texas workplace, employers may react in different ways. When adverse employment action is exercised, a victim may suffer unjust consequences for a situation over which they had little to no control. Although employee transfers may be the best option to solve a difficult work environment and protect integrity, an employer who inflicts adverse employment action while doing so could face serious consequences.

Texas woman files suit involving workplace sexual harassment

Surviving workplace sexual harassment and assault can result in long-term physical and emotional damages. Making the decision to report a situation where workplace sexual harassment has occurred can be difficult for many people. A lawsuit for violation of the Civil Rights Act was recently filed against the Department of Veterans Affairs following the alleged harassment and physical assault of an employee.

Texas franchise breaks wage and hour laws

Subway is a national chain sandwich restaurant with many franchise locations in Texas. Reports indicate that, for over a decade, Subway restaurants have violated wage and hour laws through inadequate compensation to their employees. Minimum wage workers that are financially injured by an employer's disregard of wage and hour laws may suffer significantly.

Texas college accused of wrongful termination

A worker with seniority that has suffered wrongful termination may feel confused and frustrated following the loss of their job. A person may question their ability to fight against the injustice and may seek to better understand their rights as an employee. Texas Southmost College was recently accused of wrongful termination when three former employees claim they lost their job due to their advanced age.

Veteran club accused of workplace sexual harassment

The state of Texas maintains a healthy standard of proper behavior for employees and employers and has placed regulations to protect people from workplace sexual harassment. When a worker does fall victim to workplace sexual harassment, they may be confused about how to report the incident and protect their professional position. An employee of the nonprofit veteran service American Legion recently accused the organization of retaliation for reporting abuse that she received while at work.

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