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Texas woman files lawsuit for race discrimination

An employee that suffers race discrimination while working may feel confused and demeaned. Some people may find it difficult to report or pursue action for fear of losing their job or being professionally damaged. A Texas woman who purportedly became a victim to race discrimination made the choice to seek action and bring the inappropriate behavior to a stop.

The Texas worker was recently assigned to administrative leave with the potential for termination after she pursued legal action against colleagues at her place of employment. The lawsuit was filed against her superior in the Human Resources department and others employed by the county that worked in close proximity of the victim for race discrimination. The Texas woman had submitted claims to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission that granted her the ability to move forward with the lawsuit.

Records indicate that the suit consisted of 38 pages detailing accusations of violation of the Family Medical Leave Act, race discrimination, hostility and retaliation, contract breaches and other abuses. All of which purportedly became more severe following her communications with the EEOC. The victim claims to have suffered ongoing comments regarding her race of origin from her superior and a colleague who allegedly helped to create hostility and mental abuse in the office.

Reports revealed that this suit is the second attempt at legal action against the Texas county for race discrimination by another victim. Although the suit is pending, the courts or parties involved may choose to move forward with a settlement or trial. A worker who experiences a devastating loss of employment due to retaliation from harassment they may have received may choose to investigate their rights and legal options for restitution.

Source: dentonrc.com, "Woman sues Denton County", Bj Lewis, April 9, 2014

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