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Does workplace sexual harassment exist in the Navy?

Workplace sexual harassment can be damaging to Texas employees and their employer. The difficulty and stress involved can leave a worker overwhelmed and confused. Recently, the Blue Angels Navy Captain was removed from his command temporarily while the military branch investigates accusations of sexual harassment and workplace hostility.

The Captain was accused and removed from his post for an undisclosed amount of time for potential workplace sexual harassment. Details have not been released regarding the Captain's reassignment. It has been confirmed that an investigation is underway.

The Navy man was accused of nurturing a hostile work environment and allowing (and, in some instances, encouraged) inappropriate sexual and derogatory comments to take place without correction. He purportedly allowed pornography to be displayed and also permitted inappropriate sexual comments, though no specifics were detailed in a media report about the allegations. There was no reported indication that the Captain did anything to prevent the objectionable conduct from occurring. A former Blue Angels squad member made the accusations in March.

Some efforts have apparently been made by the Navy to combat sexual harassment in the workplace. Indeed, a number of sexual harassment assault counselors were removed from their positions as part of the ongoing reform. Two U.S. Senators have spearheaded efforts to address these issues. A military employee in Texas that experiences hostility or harassment while at work may be in a difficult position. The best first step may be to gain an understanding of important legal rights while assessing the viability of filing a formal complaint that seeks financial redress and related judicial relief.

Source: thewire.com, "Navy Allegedly Fails at Maintaining a Sexual-Harassment-Free Workplace, Email", Sara Morrison, April 23, 2014

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