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April 2014 Archives

Suit filed for gender discrimination in the workplace

Gender discrimination in Texas can come in many forms and make a victim feel a myriad of negative emotions. Daily exposure to this in addition to harassment and intimidation can mentally damage a person and begin to have physiological effects over time. A small group of women have come forward with accusations against their employer for gender discrimination and harassment they purportedly experienced.

Does workplace sexual harassment exist in the Navy?

Workplace sexual harassment can be damaging to Texas employees and their employer. The difficulty and stress involved can leave a worker overwhelmed and confused. Recently, the Blue Angels Navy Captain was removed from his command temporarily while the military branch investigates accusations of sexual harassment and workplace hostility.

Buffalo Wild Wings accused of failure to pay minimum wage

A company's failure to pay minimum wage can financially damage an employee and leave them confused and angry. A Texas worker in the restaurant industry may be confused by their own hourly pay and tip combination and can seek help in understanding their rights. Recently, Buffalo Wild Wings was accused of the failure to pay minimum wage to its waitstaff and is facing a lawsuit.

Pregnancy discrimination in the workplace

Texas mothers may have noticed a more open policy in society regarding pregnant women in the workplace. More employers are offering longer leaves related to pregnancy and childbirth. They are also offering lactation rooms for nursing mothers. However, pregnancy can still adversely affect some female workers.

Texas woman files lawsuit for race discrimination

An employee that suffers race discrimination while working may feel confused and demeaned. Some people may find it difficult to report or pursue action for fear of losing their job or being professionally damaged. A Texas woman who purportedly became a victim to race discrimination made the choice to seek action and bring the inappropriate behavior to a stop.

Lawsuit against Texas Sheriff for employer retaliation proceeds

Experiencing employer retaliation for personal opinion or belief can be a difficult experience for a Texas worker. A person may face a complex set of challenges as they determine the best possible way to work toward a resolution for the harassment. Recently a group of present and past deputies made the decision to move forward with legal action against their Sheriff for employer retaliation.

Fathers may be penalized at work for family time

Texas readers may be well aware of the fact that women are frequently penalized in the workplace for becoming mothers. On the other hand, studies show that men with families are seen as favorable hires by those who make hiring decisions. For some, men with a family are viewed as reliable, according to researchers. However, this same body of research indicates that men may be penalized if they take paternity leave or time off to spend time with their families.

Texas woman files lawsuit for sexual harassment

Sexual harassment in the workplace can be an uncomfortable situation to confront for witnesses and for a victim. An employee could have fears that they may lose their job or endanger themselves if the perpetrator discovers their disclosure. Sexual harassment at work is illegal in Texas and regulations exist to protect those who fall victim to it.

Worker alleges adverse employment action following harassment

Experiencing adverse employment action after suffering harassment in the workplace can be difficult and confusing. A server recently accused members of the Houston Rockets team for harassment and discriminatory confrontation that occurred in the sports locker room while he performed his job duties. Following the incident, the man chose to pursue a lawsuit for adverse employment action after he took action to report the situation.

Employer sued for discrimination

A Texas man is suing his former employer over alleged discrimination and harassment in the workplace. In the suit against Ampco Products LLC, the Denton County man says the company allowed an environment in which he was harassed and humiliated because of his disability. The action was filed on March 24 in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas. The former employee is seeking compensatory and punitive damages in addition to costs and fees.

Workplace discrimination on the rise in Texas

According to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Texas is the state with the most employment discrimination cases filed in the last year. Approximately 10,000 of the cases filed with the EEOC originated in the state. These alarmingly high numbers could indicate that there is an ongoing issue with workplace discrimination that should be addressed.

Texas employee takes action against racial discrimination

A Texas employee of Premium Spray Products Inc. recently filed a lawsuit on the grounds of racial discrimination. He claims that he was discriminated against because of his ethnic origin. He asserts that racial discrimination led to his dismissal from his job, where he was supposedly replaced by a Caucasian employee.

Employee files over disability discrimination

A company is being sued by a Texas employee for allegedly violating the Americans with Disabilities Act. The Denton County resident claims that he was wrongfully discharged after being employed with Ampco Products Co. from Aug. 7 to Nov. 30, 2012. According to reports, the employee was harassed and humiliated because of his disability, the nature of which was not reported.

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