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March 2014 Archives

Texas workplace discrimination is on the rise

It is an unfortunate fact that no matter how many rules are set in place, there is going to be someone who refuses to follow them. This is something that is occurring more frequently in Texas with workplace discrimination. Workplace discrimination is illegal and is not acceptable in Texas and across the nation. Some individuals are discriminated because of their age, religion, race and more.

Disabled employee may have been discriminated against when fired

On March 12, a court in southern Texas ruled that a man employed by a major tax accounting firm may have been discriminated against when he was fired in 2011. The original lawsuit alleged that, in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the company was motivated to terminate the man's employment because a car accident had left him disabled.

Wage and hour laws called into question with McDonald's protests

Texas readers may be familiar with the nationwide protests by McDonald's employees claiming that the fast food chain violated wage and hour laws. The protests have shifted to claiming that the restaurant has denied workers earned wages from overtime. If these claims are true, the popular hamburger restaurant would be considered in violation of wage and hour laws.

Do older adults see more age-related workplace discrimination?

Texas readers know that older Americans may face age-related workplace discrimination. Financial options during retirement are a big problem for many Americans. It can be difficult to determine how Social Security, pension funds and other income sources can sustain an individual through retirement. Workplace discrimination against older employees and how this can affect retirement has become a common subject in the legal field.

Man files lawsuit against Wal-Mart for age discrimination

A former employee of Wal-Mart in Texas has filed a lawsuit claiming that the retail chain subjected him to age discrimination. He also claims that his former employer treated him differently because of a disability and eventually fired him for these reasons. The man is seeking lost wages and other monetary damages from the alleged discrimination.

Discrimination lawsuit filed against Wal-Mart

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has filed a lawsuit against Wal-Mart on behalf of a 54-year-old Texas resident from Keller. The man, who worked as a manager for Wal-Mart, says that he was discriminated against and ultimately fired because of his age and disability. The man was diagnosed with diabetes after he began working for Wal-Mart.

Sexual harassment accusation from a female welder

In Texas, a female welder recently filed sexual harassment charges against her former employee. The woman was formerly employed by Gemma Power Systems LLC but was later fired. She claims she is a victim of sexual harassment committed by her boss.

Fort Worth area educator suing for wrongful termination

A Fort Worth area educator claims that he is a victim of wrongful termination. The Texas man has taken legal action against the school system, and a trial over his termination is scheduled to begin shortly. Additionally, the man has added his name to a lawsuit against the school system for defamation and other issues.

Texas man files suit against former employer

A former employee of BAH Texas is suing his former employer for allegedly violating the Texas labor Code and Fair Labor Standards Act. The suit was filed on February 26. Reports suggest that he has already begun working with an attorney and is seeking damages and the costs and fees of litigation.

Workplace discrimination suit results in large settlement

A former Texas police chief has recently been awarded a large settlement from a workplace discrimination case. The man worked for the police department in Jasper and served as the city's first African-American police chief. He claims that he lost his job because of his race. The man then filed a workplace discrimination suit against the city for his unjust treatment.

Court rules employer did not violate FMLA

Employees and employers in Texas may be interested in a U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit decision that stated that an employee has the right to take leave without invoking the Family and Medical Leave Act, regardless of whether the reason for requesting leave falls under the act's protections. The ruling was in favor of Foster Poultry Farms, which was facing allegations of violating the FMLA by a former employee.

Texas universities sued by employees for wrongful termination

Two Texas universities -- the University of Texas Brownsville (UTB) and The Southmost College (TSC) -- are facing lawsuits for wrongful termination. The Texas Faculty Association (TFA) is acting on behalf of three professors who claim wrongful termination. They were all three tenured at the time that they were fired.

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