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February 2014 Archives

U.S. Postal Service employee sues over privacy violations

On Feb. 13 of this year, an employee of the U.S. Postal Service filed a claim against his employer in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas Houston Division. The lawsuit cites the Postmaster General and the U.S. Postal Service as the defendants and accuses the parties of an invasion of privacy and violating the Fourth Amendment.

Texas flight attendants may be susceptible to sexual harassment

A new poll of airline employees has found that almost 30 percent of flight attendants may be victims of sexual harassment. This number could also include flight attendants in Texas. Some of the airlines surveyed about sexual harassment included Dragonair, British Airways and United Airlines.

Lawsuit filed in Texas over workplace discrimination

A Texas woman has filed a lawsuit against a Montgomery County Tax Assessor and two other government officials for workplace discrimination. Specifically, the woman claims that she was the victim of age discrimination and is being fired without merit. Her lawsuit stems from a series of possible discriminatory instances over the course of her career.

Certain terms could be considered employment discrimination

Texas employees and employers know how important it is to proactively use positive and beneficial language as a manner of preventing employment discrimination. It is just as important to choose terminology carefully so as to avoid any confusion or miscommunication between employees and employers. Employment discrimination does not always happen with inappropriate actions or language, but it can also occur with careless terms and employee labeling.

Major US employer fights National Labor Relations Board complaint

Employees have many rights. Unfortunately, many employees do not fully understand what their rights are or what steps they should take to ensure their rights are honored. When employment disputes occur, it is typically a good idea to work closely with an attorney to ensure rights are protected. In many employment-related disputes, the very details of laws can make all of the difference in the outcome. Many of these laws are unique to employment law and many workers may be unfamiliar with them.

Employee rights after a work accident questioned in Texas

Employee rights have recently come into question after a Texas work accident with BNSF Railway. After a man was injured on the job, he challenged the way that his employer handled his situation. When injured on the job, employee rights may include compensation and time off, among other things.

Texas police officers win $1.5M workplace discrimination suit

The city of Austin is now required to pay $1.5 million to settle discrimination claims of former officers. The officers formerly worked with the parks police, airport police and municipal court. The individuals initiated their workplace discrimination claims, asserting that they had been treated unfairly due to their ages.

Texas woman possibly fired in retaliation for reporting abuse

Sexual harassment cases seem to be pretty commonplace, particularly in fields that are generally dominated by men. Even though there are laws in place, in Texas and across the country, to stop this harassment from happening, there are still a large number of sexual harassment cases filed every year. One of the most recent to come forward involves a woman in Texas who alleges she was fired in retaliation for reporting abuse to the company owner.

Having one employee in Texas opens a company up to a lawsuit

A company recently discovered that simply having one employee in Texas was enough to get it sued for violating that employee's rights. The company assumed wrongly that it would not be held liable for poor treatment and wrongful termination of the only employee it had in Texas. A judge found otherwise.

Lawsuit filed over possible race discrimination by employer

A worker of Hispanic ethnicity has filed a lawsuit against his employer over possible race discrimination. The Texas company Lufkin Industries Inc. is named in the lawsuit and is accused of race discrimination. The former employee has a myriad of complaints against the company and claims that many of his civil rights were violated.

Employment discrimination may be behind Texas worker termination

Work naturally can be stressful. A person must juggle multiple deadlines at times, combined with worrying about his or her boss's next critique or criticism. However, people return to the workplace every day for one major reason -- they need the income, and they actually might enjoy the work they do. Being discriminated against on the job due to one's race, though, can make a place of employment utterly intolerable in Texas. Some companies attempt to use misconduct as an excuse to discharge employees when they are really letting them go for reasons related to employment discrimination.

Pregnant women are experiencing discrimination at work

A recent survey by the National Partnership for Women & Families revealed that most women continue to work while they are pregnant. An astonishing number of employers do not accommodate their needs before or after giving birth. While the Family and Medical Leave Act requires employers to provide time off to employees who have health issues and are pregnant, the letter of the law is not always followed.

Sexual harassment claims paint unflattering picture of Texas CFO

People in powerful positions are sometimes assertive in their dealings with others; however, that assertiveness should never be allowed to turn into sexual harassment. In Texas, as in all states, sexual harassment is a serious problem, and those who are at the receiving end can experience lasting emotional trauma. One way that they can put a stop to this kind of abuse is by bringing it to light and reporting the behavior to superiors. Victims can also pursue compensation in court for any financial damages they have incurred as a result of said abuse.

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