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January 2014 Archives

Man says employer discriminated against him after store robbery

Discrimination in Texas workplaces can come in multiple forms. In many cases, the mere act of an employer to fail to provide reasonable accommodations for a disabled employee might constitute employment discrimination. This is what one former Radio Shack store manager in Houston is claiming after he was injured in a robbery.

Race discrimination alleged against large Texas based corporation

No individual deserves to be called names at work because of his or her ethnic background; when this type of occurrence happens, it's considered race discrimination. Race discrimination is what one man who was originally from India, but who was working for a large Texas corporation, alleges happened to him. Now, he is seeking remuneration through the court system for the wrongdoing he says he experienced regularly on the job.

Release of employment contracts contested in Texas lawsuit

As might be expected, any employment-related lawsuit will likely involve an investigation. As a result, both parties in the suit will likely all relevant documentation. However, in one Texas lawsuit it has been an uphill battle to get copies of employment contracts. They are being withheld from the party requesting them, although for how long is uncertain.

Recent Texas sexual harassment ruling may help employees

Sexual harassment doesn't simply happen and then disappear. It is an emotional process that affects people for long periods of time and can lead to numerous personal issues. That is why any claim of sexual harassment made by Texas workers needs to be investigated thoroughly and taken seriously. In fact, a new ruling by the court of appeals covering the state could make it easier for employees to pursue claims of this kind against their employers.

Ex-employees sue Texas employer over breach-of-contract disputes

A few terminated employees of a Texas cabinetry company are building a case to sue their former employer. The lawsuit claims their former company violated federal laws meant to protect workers from a sudden loss of employment. The ex-workers' class action lawsuit stems from the bankruptcy filing of the company and the subsequent dismissal of company workers.

Texas police officers allege workplace discrimination

During the summer of 2013, 19 police officers working in an elite Texas division were swiftly reassigned. Now, 13 of them are claiming that their reassignments were a form of workplace discrimination. They hope to have the opportunity to prove their workplace discrimination case and receive remuneration from their Austin employer.

Texas man with MS alleges discrimination against car dealership

It is never acceptable for a company to deny a job or promotion to someone because of a medical condition. To do so is considered discrimination, and violates EEOC regulations protecting workers. In Texas, one man is fighting his former employer because he says he was harassed and experienced discrimination after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS).

Texas severance agreements may depend on US Supreme Court ruling

When workers are offered severance agreements by their employers, there are many factors to consider before they accept the package as offered. For example, there may be other claims the employees will be giving up by accepting the agreements. There may be additional benefits the employees deserve that are not included in the employer offered package. Another issue arises as to whether or not severance pay is taxed by the Internal Revenue Service under the terms of the Federal Insurance Contributions Act, better known as FICA.

Texas sexual harassment victim sues after employer retaliation

A Texas resident recently filed a lawsuit against her employer on the grounds that she was retaliated against after reporting instances of sexual harassment. The lawsuit was filed in late December in the Southern District of Texas, Houston Division, against M&W Restaurants Inc. The woman was terminated by her employer after she complained of sexual harassment -- an action which constitutes employer retaliation, according to the complaint.

Laid-off Lockheed Martin workers may be due big severance checks

Our Texas readers might have read about the layoffs planned by Lockheed Martin that were announced back in November. Several plants are going to be closed, including one in Horizon City, Texas. The company, the largest defense contractor in the world, announced this week that it will pay about $175 million in severance to employees who are losing their jobs as a result.

Former Texas coach embroiled in sexual harassment lawsuit

Any individual who has been a part of a sports team knows that the coach often becomes somewhat of a father or mother figure to the players. However, if allegations wind up being proven true, one Texas coach may have used his position in a nefarious way. A former player is claiming that she was the victim of sexual harassment while on her team. Other claims of sexual harassment from her teammates back up her statements.

Texas residents: Take note of others' sexual harassment cases

Two politicians in another state may not have a particularly happy new year, and people in Texas may wish to take note of what happens as their cases unfold. Both men have been accused of sexual harassment of people from their workplaces. These allegations of harassment are serious and could compare to what some people in Texas may have experienced at work.

Woman claims discrimination after taking family leave

Officials in Swisher County are embroiled in a lawsuit brought by a former employee who says she was fired in retaliation for a series of events that resulted in criminal charges against her employer. The woman claims she faced discrimination for taking family leave to cope with job-related stress and a child's illness.

Texas man open to sexual harassment charges after filming workers

A Texas worker in San Antonio may have left himself wide open to charges of sexual harassment after he decided to film his coworkers while they were using the bathroom. Though his deeds have already resulted in charges on the part of the employer, there is no word as to whether any of his colleagues have considered his actions as sexual harassment. However, in similar situations, staff members who have discovered they were filmed without their permission have sued both their employers and the offenders for damages.

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