Texas Employees Shouldn't Have to Fear Sexual Harassment

Anyone in the workplace could potentially fall victim to sexual harassment. While stories involving women more often make the media, it is not a gender-specific problem. A recent story involving a sexual harassment lawsuit revolving around a liquor store may be of interest to Texas residents that have faced a similar problem.

The plaintiff claims the harassment began within a week or two of her starting with the company. She was employed by the store for almost seven months. Some of the allegations against the store owner included him making unwanted sexual comments, unwanted physical contact, and also requested this employee have sex with him. After complaining about the sexual advances, the employee was reportedly fired for taking too long on her break which the owner saw as stealing.

The store owner agreed to a $30,000 settlement and agreed to provide sexual harassment training for all store managers. This is likely considered a favorable outcome from the former employee's perspective and helps show that sexual harassment will not be tolerated. It may be interesting to note, however, that by signing the settlement, the owner didn't accept any wrongdoing or admit to breaking any state laws.

Any Texas employee who feels they have been the victim of sexual harassment could benefit from looking into the applicable state laws. This is an act that is taken very seriously in a court of law and there are several things in place to help protect victims. Having an understanding of one's rights can help them determine the best way to move forward with any warranted action against the person or employer.

Source: sctimes.com, Liquor store owner agrees to pay in sexual harassment claim, No author, Aug. 30, 2013