Sexual Harassment and Retaliation Alleged by Female Electrician

In a lawsuit that echoes similar abuses that have occurred in Texas, a woman working at an electric company alleges that her time spent working there was both emotionally painful and humiliating. As the sole female electrician employed by the company, the plaintiff claims she was subjected to sexual harassment, refused opportunities, and eventually fired in retaliation for bringing the issue up with the company's owner. According to the documents filed, when the issue of harassment was brought to the company owner's attention, no investigation was made and she was not informed of any action being taken.

After she made the complaint, the harassment simply continued as before, including being asked questions relating to sexual activities and being touched by her supervisor in an inappropriate manner. In addition to the treatment she suffered from her supervisor, the suit claims that another co-worker made a lewd suggestion to her regarding how she might earn some extra income by taking care of another worker's intimate physical needs. The suit goes on to allege that her supervisor began taking retaliatory actions against her after she made the complaint to the company owner.

The documents filed claim that her supervisor's retaliation took the form of his interfering with the work that she was assigned and also writing a report falsely accusing her of allegedly performing poorly. Less than eight months after starting work with the company, the female electrician was fired. Company representatives have so far declined to offer any comments regarding the lawsuit.

Based on the company's alleged sexual harassment and retaliatory actions, the suit is asking for damages, compensation, and reinstatement. The law leans towards wrongfully terminated individuals being given their jobs back, but this is not always a realistic approach as there can be a great deal of bad blood remaining between the two parties -- a monetary award will usually be awarded instead. Texas residents should never "put up" with abusive on-the-job behavior that goes unheeded by management and should instead consider seeking third-party assistance that is well-versed in the laws regarding offensive and discriminatory workplace conduct.

Source: Wyoming Tribune Eagle, Woman harassed at local business, lawsuit says, Kelsey Bray, Aug. 25, 2013