Navy Sexual Harassment Claims on Rise in Texas and Beyond

The number of claims of sexual harassment in the Navy has grown around two-fold in the last 12-month period. These sexual harassment problems have affected sailors the state of Texas and beyond, and are getting the armed forces the kind of press they would rather not have. Yet, there is an upside to the reports; although it's disappointing that sexual assaults are occurring, the increase in reports may indicate that sailors feel safer than before in telling authorities about the crimes against them.

There have been many moves within the Navy throughout the last year to help sailors feel comfortable recognizing and reporting sexual harassment. For sailors who have experienced sexual harassment and assault, fear of retribution, embarrassment, and more can stop them from stepping forward with allegations. Now, prevention programs and additional Navy resources may indeed be making a dent in events and claims of sexual harassment, which have plagued all arms of the military.

Other preventative measures aside from awareness programs on Navy bases have been taken. For example, new regulations in how alcohol is sold on Naval bases are hoped to combat the violence and impairment that can lead to sexual harassment. Though these alcohol sales measures have not been in place long enough to produce statistical data, they are being seen positively by Navy officials.

Reports from the general Navy population are also positive, which is being noted as a good sign overall. Of course, there are still sexual harassment problems on Naval bases throughout the country, including Texas. As long as these sexual harassment issues occur, victims will need to be able to seek legal assistance.

Source: Huffington Post, Navy Sexual Assaults Reports On The Rise, Officials Say, Brock Vergakis, Sept. 11, 2013