Dunkin' Donuts Operator Settles Dispute Over Wage and Hour Laws

The law is designed to protect the less empowered members of society from being taken advantage of. This is especially important in the workplace where there is an inherent power structure that favors the employer over the employee. Companies in Texas and other states who break these laws could find themselves facing some costly legal consequences. One company that may have done this recently settled a dispute over alleged violations of wage and hour laws.

The company, QSR Management LLC, operates 55 Dunkin' Donuts franchises and was being accused of a variety of violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Authorities discovered the company failed to pay overtime to managers of their stores which the FLSA requires them to do. Rather than following the law, the company allegedly made false claims that the managers were exempt from overtime pay requirements. As a result of the settlement, 56 store managers will now be receiving $197,550 in unpaid wages.

Authorities also discovered that managers at two store locations took tips from worker tip jars in order to make up for shortages in the cash register. This amounted to violations of wage laws which affected eight workers. Dunkin' Donuts says that it is not responsible for the actions of QSR because QSR makes business decisions independent of Dunkin' Donuts.

This is just one way in which employers in Texas or in any other state may be violating wage and hour laws. However, employees who have been victims of wrongdoing by employers may be able to obtain unpaid back wages by filing a civil lawsuit against the employer. Additionally, this may also be an option for other types of employment law violations, such as sexual harassment or wrongful termination. If successful a plaintiff employee may be able to obtain monetary reimbursement for wages lost or any other wrongdoing.

Source: gmnews.com, Dunkin' Donuts locations pay $200K in wage violations, No author, Aug. 28, 2013