Age Discrimination Alleged in Texas Case

It would be a wonderful world if age discrimination were a thing of the past. Unfortunately, it happens in every state, including Texas. This is what the EEOC is making sure people understand with cases such as their pending lawsuit alleging that a Houston mattress corporation favored younger employees over older ones. This will be a classic case of age discrimination if the EEOC wins in court on behalf of the defendants.

Specifically, the mattress corporation based out of Texas has been charged with age discrimination at one of their out-of-state retail stores. There, 15 employees are stating for the record that they believe they have proof that they were glossed over for advancement because they were older than their co-workers who received promotions. The lawsuit says that the age discrimination in question began approximately six years ago when the Houston company purchased the out-of-state retail location.

According to the EEOC reports, the employees alleging age discrimination were told by management personnel that they were essentially unable to learn new ways of doing things. The defendants also allege that the mattress company was on a mission to replace 9 out of every 10 older employees with younger workers. Finally, the defendants suggest that the older employees were asked to do duties that were so physically exhausting that they felt they had no choice but to leave their jobs.

There has been no official response from the Texas mattress organization's headquarters regarding this case. However, if the allegations against this company are true, the defendants will likely be entitled to remuneration for age discrimination. The exact amount may vary but is usually based on wages lost, health insurance paid out of pocket, and other factors.

Texas-Based Mattress Firm Accused Of Age Discrimination, No author, Sept. 24, 2013