Texas Self-Defense Class Just One Way to Tackle Sexual Harassment

Texas women who worry about one-day experiencing sexual harassment on the job, and especially those who are concerned that it could escalate to physical problems might want to check out a special self-defense class. The class is being underwritten by Texas A&M University and the local sheriff's office. The hope is that the course will help prevent women from sexual harassment and rape through information and self-defense movement techniques.

The class provides Texas women with some of the resources to assist them in better identifying and removing themselves from sexual harassment situations. Offered for no cost to interested female participants, it takes around six hours for two days to complete. The course includes both lectures and hands-on activities.

Some of the lecture points discuss how to deal with situations where tensions and anxieties run high, such as would commonly happen during a sexual harassment incident. The more physical elements of the course discuss holds to protect oneself from being placed in a physically vulnerable position. The attendees can then test out their newly-learned skills with a variety of moves that have been touted by authorities as both easy and effective.

It is unknown as to whether the course covers legal issues in terms of how to deal with sexual harassment on the job. However, it's important for every woman to understand that even if she can handle a sexual harassment situation in the workplace from an emotional and/or physical standpoint, she should never have to give in to fears of retribution when it comes to legal action. Any sexual harassment in the workplace or elsewhere needs to be brought to light immediately so an investigation can ensue and appropriate action can be taken. Regardless of gender, laws exist on the state and federal levels to protect employees from sexual harassment on-the-job.

Source: kbtx.com, Women Take SHARP Moves to Fight Back, David Norris, Sept. 23, 2013