Texas Law Enforcement Veteran Charged With Sexual Harassment

In Texas, a sexual harassment civil case against a long-time law enforcement officer is making headlines. The man, a former sheriff, is being accused of inappropriate behavior with his colleagues. Though he no longer works in law enforcement, the sexual harassment charges against him show that this type of claim can occur in all fields.

The lawsuit against the former sheriff was made by two of his former female employees who worked under him during their time in Swisher County, Texas. The women claim that, for a period of five years, beginning in 2006, the former sheriff made unwanted advances toward them. They allege that his sexual harassment advances included him inappropriately touching himself in their presence while requesting sexual favors from them.

One of the women has stated that she has a recording of one of the sexual harassment encounters. At this time, there is no transcript of it available to the public, however. Both women are also claiming that a judge, with whom they also worked in Swisher County, retaliated against them when they brought their sexual harassment accusations to light.

At this time, there has been no formal response to the sexual harassment charges by either the defendant or his former employer, although calls have been made. The sheriff resigned from Swisher County in late 2011, due to the investigation. Reports indicate that, in addition to this lawsuit, he was also involved in a 2009 sexual harassment case. Texas residents who have experienced this type of harassment need to know their rights. Victims of sexual harassment, or any type of harassment, may be eligible for restitution.

Source: myplainview.com, Former sheriff accused of sexual harassment, Ryan Crowe, Oct. 4, 2013