Amazon Worker Asks for Class Action Status in Wage and Hour Suit

People in Texas who order products from Amazon may or may not be aware that a woman that works for the online retail giant has filed a lawsuit against the company. She is asking that her wage and hour lawsuit be given class-action status because she claims that there are thousands of people who work for Amazon that would benefit from a recovery in her case. Her lawsuit centers on overtime pay she believes she is due for going through security screenings.

According to court documents, employees experience long waits to exit the facility at the end of their shifts and on their way out of the facility for lunch breaks. It could take a minimum of 10 to 20 minutes -- and sometimes even longer -- to get through security. According to the woman's claims, company policy does not allow employees to leave until the employee, their personal items, and any bags are searched.

Since these Amazon employees are paid by the hour, they are entitled to overtime pay for these screenings under Pennsylvania law. However, employees clock out prior to the screenings and have not been paid for that time. If this lawsuit is granted class-action status, it could potentially provide the thousands of Amazon workers with the overtime pay they deserve.

The situation that Amazon warehouse workers are faced with may not be isolated only to that company. There could be several businesses here in Texas that operate in the same manner. Should employees prevail in the Amazon lawsuit, it could become the impetus for other workers to file similar wage and hour lawsuits.

Source:, Area woman sues Amazon over off-the-clock security checks, Roger DuPuis, Oct. 11, 2013