Texas Restaurant's Oktoberfest Turns Into Discrimination Lawsuit

During the month of October, many German-style eateries celebrate the annual tradition of Oktoberfest. This includes a popular restaurant in San Antonio, Texas. Unfortunately, the choice of outfits has led the restaurant to become embroiled in a discrimination lawsuit. The discrimination claim shows how quickly what management thinks is "funny" can be revealed as not in the least bit humorous.

In this case, a waitress at the German-themed restaurant had chosen a low-cut Oktoberfest outfit in which to serve during the festivities. Management approved her outfit and paid for her to wear it. However, when she came into work that evening, one of her male coworkers was wearing a similar outfit... with her name emblazoned on the nametag.

The waitress was embarrassed because she felt she was being targeted and, after complaining to management, she resigned. She is now filing a lawsuit against the company, claiming discrimination because she is a woman. She is adding that she does not want any other women to feel out-of-place or targeted at the restaurant. The restaurant's spokesperson says that they were only trying to be amusing, not discriminatory and that she took the event the wrong way.

At this point, a court will have to decide whether or not this Texas discrimination case holds weight. If the waitress wins, she may be able to receive back pay and potentially other monies to offset the experience. Additionally, a win in court will likely mean a change in the way the restaurant approaches future Oktoberfest celebrations.

Source: kens5.com, Restaurant employee files discrimination complaint for Octoberfest costume, No author, Nov. 13, 2013