New Federal Provision Would Provide Comp Time to Private Sector

It is easy to forget over the course of many years in the workforce, but every employee has certain rights pertaining to his or her wage and hour designation. If you have an upcoming vacation that will use up more time off than you have; or if there are extenuating circumstances surrounding your health or the health of a loved one; there are rights you have to remedy the situation so that both employer and employee are happy.

However, there are situations where the employer tries to skirt these rights or obstruct your ability to use certain measures that would quickly and simply solve the situation at hand. For example, some employers may try to come up with a reason that you are not allowed to use certain amounts of medical leave; or that you are not entitled to certain vacation allotments because of your employee classification.

An employee can challenge these types of disputes, earning them a fair and just conclusion to the dispute.

Federal lawmakers are considering a new employment law that is part of a package called the "Making Life Work" agenda. The law handles a wage and hour issue within the private sector. Public sector employees enjoy the ability to use the time off that is not yet accrued -- which is not the case for many private-sector employees.

The new law would bring the private sector in line with the public sector, giving private employees the chance to choose "comp time" -- which is essentially paid time off.

Source: Times-Dispatch, "House passes Cantor-backed measure on comp time," Olympia Meola, May 9, 2013