Texas Man Says Discriminatory Moves Denied Him Promotion Chance

Acts of discrimination are despicable in any circumstance; but in the workplace, they are arguably worse. The victim of the discrimination is not only embarrassed and hurt by the incident, but their professional career is usually held back by their employers as a direct result of the discriminatory act.

No matter the reason (and, sadly, workplace discrimination can happen under a variety of circumstances and in many different ways), such awful behavior should not be accepted by the victim. They should consider their legal options, as they likely have a good case to make against their fellow employees or employers.

That is the situation for a man who used to work for the Harlingen Economic Development Corporation. The man, an American Indian, has sued his former employer for discrimination and retaliation. He received nothing but praise from coworkers and also had glowing reviews -- and after four years of good work, he became executive director (on an interim basis) for many months. He applied for the position full time as well.

But he never got the post and was in fact demoted to a much lower-paying job after his interim post was complete. The man says a fake complaint against him was used to substantiate his decline with the company.

The circumstances are certainly fishy, as a hard-working and clearly talented man was denied the chance to move up in the company. The case will play itself out in court, though it is likely that a settlement will be reached -- a common ending to civil lawsuits these days.

Source: Valley Morning Star, "Harlingen lawsuit claims discrimination and retaliation," Emma Perez-Trevino, March 6, 2013