Gov Perry Signs Bill to Help Stop Construction Misclassification

Texas is one of the largest states with one of the largest highway infrastructures, and it certainly requires a lot of maintenance. It takes a lot of construction workers just to maintain these roads, let alone complete the many new construction projects that are taking place across the state.

It is no surprise that the construction business is just one other thing that is bigger in Texas. Getting a contract for public works is a big deal for construction companies. While there are a lot of factors that go into choosing a bid for a project, the cost is certainly an important one. Governor Perry recently signed a bill that will not only help keep the "cost" playing field level but will also help protect the rights of construction employees.

As noted above, the cost can be a major factor in the decision-making process for choosing a bid. In some cases, it is the employees that are the ones who suffer to keep the cost down. Employers may misclassify an employee as an independent contractor.

House Bill 2015 addresses exactly the issue of employee misclassification. The bill makes an amendment to the Texas Labor Code that requires any company making a bid for a public works project to ensure that their employees are properly classified. Those that are found in violation will face a $200 fine per misclassification.

The employer may pay $200 per violation, but a misclassification costs an employee more than that. Those who have not been paid the wages that they are due under law or have not received the benefits that they are entitled to should seek the assistance of an attorney for any possible claim.

Source: Texas GOP Vote, "Victory in Texas' Battle over Employee Misclassification," Bob Price, July 5, 2013