Texas Sexual Harassment Victim Sues After Employer Retaliation

A Texas resident recently filed a lawsuit against her employer on the grounds that she was retaliated against after reporting instances of sexual harassment. The lawsuit was filed in late December in the Southern District of Texas, Houston Division, against M&W Restaurants Inc. The woman was terminated by her employer after she complained of sexual harassment -- an action that constitutes employer retaliation, according to the complaint.

The plaintiff in this case was formerly employed as a cashier at the establishment known as Pepe's Mexican Cafe. Her complaint alleges that one of her coworkers began sexually harassing her as early as Dec. 2011. The woman says that her coworker inappropriately touched her buttocks, gazed at her body lustfully, and harassed her in this manner every day that she reported working.

The plaintiff further alleges that the last time she was harassed in this manner was in March 2013 when the man grabbed her and rubbed his private parts against her buttocks through his clothing. The woman reported the event to her superiors, and she was terminated the following day. Now, the woman is seeking justice in court, and she has requested a trial by jury in the matter.

Fear of employer retaliation in response to reporting sexual harassment is, unfortunately, one of the main reasons why many instances of sexual harassment go unreported in Texas. Nevertheless, victims of such abuse should know that retaliation is unlawful. Those who have lost their jobs or suffered other kinds of negative punishment after reporting inappropriate workplace behavior can pursue claims for financial compensation and restitution under the law.

Source: setexasrecord.com, Cashier alleges Mexican restaurant fired her for complaining about sexual harassment, John Suayan, Jan. 3. 2014