Retaliation, Overwork Claims Made by Nursing Union

As we have discussed recently on this blog, employer retaliation creates a very difficult situation for the victim. Let alone the fact that it is illegal, the very insinuation that an employee may be fired or punished in some sort of way simply because they want to speak up about an inefficiency or a problem at work can ruin a person's perception of their workplace forever.

Not only does retaliation greatly affect the victim, making it difficult for them to find work in the future and maintain their wages; but it can make the victim feel very embarrassed about themselves and their work history. It is not right, and victims of retaliation need to discuss the matter with an experienced employment law attorney so that they can fully grasp the legal rights they have.

Maybe the most aggravating part about incidents of retaliation is that they almost always occur when a legitimate concern is being raised. Such is the case in Michigan, where nurses at two hospitals there are filing a federal lawsuit against their medical institutions for being overworked -- and for being retaliated against just for making their concerns known.

According to a member of the Michigan Nurses Association, nurses at these hospitals would routinely have six or seven patients under their supervision. A maximum of four patients per nurse is usually observed in many other hospitals. At the same time, these nurses were given 16-hour shifts as a mandate, leading to more medical errors and unhappy employees.

Source: Michigan Radio, "Nurses say understaffing at two Michigan hospitals puts patients at risk," Rina Miller, Jan. 9, 2013