Workplace Discrimination Suit Filed Against Texas Homebuilder

When employees spend many more waking hours each day at work than they do at home, it goes without saying that they want to feel comfortable and free from threats of all kind. If Texas residents feel like they are experiencing workplace discrimination, they may be justified in seeking damages for having to work in an unbearable environment. Racism is an especially troublesome sort of discrimination that many employees still contend with, even today.

One woman claims that she recently experienced this when she was employed as a new home consultant. The woman, who is Hispanic, alleges that her employer at the time made derogatory and offensive remarks based upon race. In addition, the woman claims that her manager blamed the mistakes made by other employees on her.

The woman apparently approached her manager for assistance in this situation, as is appropriate to do. However, the woman alleges that her manager would not assist her when it came to the discrimination that she felt she was facing. Finally, after her complaints apparently went from her manager to the company owner, the woman was fired. She is also seeking damages for lost wages, stating that the harassment she endured forced her to resign.

No employee should ever feel threatened or discriminated against in the workplace. They are there, after all, to perform a service, and should be able to do so without any discomfort. If there is a sense that workplace discrimination has taken place, an employee may have options under Texas state law to receive compensation for both lost wages and emotional trauma associated with the dispute.

Source: The Southeast Texas Record, Hispanic woman alleges home builder fired her for complaining about racial discrimination, John Suayan, Dec. 12, 2013