Texas Woman Files Sexual Harassment Claim Against University

According to claims made in a recent employment law case, the employee of a Texas university was fired in retaliation for refusing to have a sexual relationship with a man at her office. On Dec. 10, the female victim in this case filed a sexual harassment case via a federal court in Houston. The woman was employed by the university as a sports and recreation director after getting hired in Jan. 2011.

The woman alleged in her lawsuit that the sexual harassment began not long after she began her employment with the university. She described her work environment as a sexually hostile situation. According to the suit, a professor and Dean of Engineering at the university attempted to have a sexual relationship with the woman. However, she refused the advances.

Following the woman's refusal to have a relationship with the married man, another male employee who was in a position of authority at the university reportedly became hostile toward the woman. He began to discipline her and allegedly defamed her, calling her a con artist. She claims she was disciplined by way of a wrongful suspension and also by receiving an inaccurate rating on her performance evaluation. Later, she was fired.

The victim in this sexual harassment case has chosen to represent herself. It takes courage to represent oneself in this kind of case in Texas, but this woman's complaint demonstrates that she is seeking justice for the mistreatment she claims to have suffered while working. There are many legal options available to victims of workplace harassment, including financial restitution for lost income, reinstatement into one's former position and additional relief as determined by the court presiding over the litigation.

Source: The Southeast Texas Record, Suit: Woman's resistance to sexual harassment resulted in firing from Prairie View A&M, John Suayan, Dec. 12, 2013