Texas Military Workers Allege Sexual Harassment at Fort Hood

In a shameful turn of events, Ford Hood, Texas -- one of the revered United States military posts -- has once again made headlines. This time, the case involves the alleged sexual harassment and assault of female soldiers. The soldiers have reported that they were expected to become prostitutes for a sergeant. Now, that sergeant is being brought up on sexual harassment charges.

The charges against the sergeant stem from information based on the reported experiences of the female soldiers. The women have stated that the sergeant would essentially prey on them because they didn't have much money and were eager to please the higher-ups. According to their reports, they felt forced to become part of a prostitution ring.

There is no information currently available in terms of how long the alleged prostitution ring was in effect. Additionally, there have been no other names released aside from the sergeant's, whose legal counsel claims that he has been court-martialed due to his unwillingness to cut a deal against a colleague. It is also unclear as to where the sergeant is being held now.

If the charges of sexual harassment stick against this Texas man, the women will have every right to pursue lawsuits against their employer, the U.S. Government. Because they were working in the employ of the military at the time of the alleged crimes, they can certainly consider this a situation that would be governed by employment law. If they do proceed with further lawsuits, they may be eligible to seek back pay, pain and suffering, and other damages.

Source: cbsnews.com, Soldier goes on trial in prostitution ring case, No author, Dec. 3, 2013