Texas Administrators at Center of Would-Be Wrongful Termination

It's not all the time that high school students talk lovingly about their school administrators. Yet in McAllen, Texas, that's exactly how teens are reporting their feelings when it comes to the would-be wrongful termination of a former principal and assistant principal. Both parties were put on leave earlier in the year, and the determination to fire them has left students and parents feeling that it might be a case of wrongful termination and perhaps politics, rather than facts.

The charges against the former principal and assistant principal are quite serious. It has been claimed that they were part and parcel of organized cheating that occurred in the Texas high school under a former administrator. Consequently, the board unanimously severed their employment with the district as of mid-Dec. 2013.

The students who spoke to members of the press after the board meeting had nothing but praise for their former leaders. One student woefully admitted that the school year felt like it had never really begun because of the principal's and assistant principal's absence. None of the students who spoke to reporters addressed the allegations of the cheating-related scandal.

Both individuals in this situation will have the chance to appeal the decision before deciding if further action is necessary. If unhappy with the decision during the appeal process, the individuals may wish to pursue civil action against the system. Any Texas employee who feels they may have a case for wrongful termination may benefit from understanding all proper steps that can be taken to ensure they receive the outcome they are entitled to whether that be positional reinstatement or at times monetary compensation.

Source: kfoxtv.com, Former Austin High administrators still have time to appeal, Ruben Veloz, Dec. 18, 2013