Wal-Mart Employee Fired After Being Sexually Harassed for Years

Texas residents will want to hear about a despicable story coming out of Ohio about the treatment a developmentally disabled woman received as she worked for Wal-Mart. The woman, who worked for Wal-Mart for 11 years, was fired for complaining about the sexual harassment she was subjected to while working at her store.

For roughly a six-year span, the woman was sexually harassed by a male coworker. Management was aware of the transgressions but did not do enough to stop the terrible acts. The male coworkers went so far as to perform "sexual touching" of the woman. The woman was fired three weeks after she complained to Wal-Mart about the treatment she was receiving.

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission sued Wal-Mart for sexual harassment; for creating a sexually hostile workplace; and for not doing enough to prevent the ongoing harassment, even when management was aware of it.

It is important to remember that if you are the subject of sexual harassment in the workplace; or if you are discriminated against while going through the hiring process, or while at work; that the EEOC will hear your complaint and support you in your endeavor to earn justice.

While this is a nice boost, you should still retain your own attorney during this time. Having your own attorney will help protect you from having your rights infringed upon; and it will give you a consistent point person and line of communication to rely on, if you have questions about your case.

Source: EEOC, "EEOC Sues Wal-Mart for Sexual Harassment, Retaliation and Disability Discrimination," April 10, 2013