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December 2013 Archives

Texas administrators at center of would-be wrongful termination

It's not all the time that high school students talk lovingly about their school administrators. Yet in McAllen, Texas, that's exactly how teens are reporting their feelings when it comes to the would-be wrongful termination of a former principal and assistant principal. Both parties were put on leave earlier in the year, and the determination to fire them has left students and parents feeling that it might be a case of wrongful termination and perhaps politics, rather than facts.

A bad flu could lead to wrongful termination for Texas workers

Every winter, cold and flu season is highly touted in the media. Inevitably, some employees find themselves in the grip of the chills and fevers they know all-too-well as symptoms of influenza. Yet what happens when a Texas worker's case of flu keeps him or her out of work for an extended period of time? Some employees find themselves at the unpleasant end of a wrongful termination experience; however, this kind of wrongful termination may actually be a violation of the Family and Medical Leave Act.

Employees are entitled to the wages owed them for work completed

Many businesses experience down times when their financial problems seem to outweigh the benefits to staying in business. Most of them are able to keep their money woes out of the media. Not so with San Antonio’s only professional football team, the Talons, who moved to San Antonio just two years ago. The move has not created the boost to business the team was hoping for. Game attendance has been poor and the team is having trouble paying its creditors.

Former church employee, spouse claim retaliation in Texas

When people feel that they are making the right decisions in controversial situations, they may feel proud and be able to sleep better at night with a good conscience. However, if the situation involves whistleblowing on an employer, and if the employer chooses to retaliate against the whistleblowing employee, the person may feel as though he or she is being punished for doing the right thing. An employee who is a victim of employer retaliation in Texas has a right to pursue a claim against the company.

Workplace discrimination suit filed against Texas homebuilder

When employees spend many more waking hours each day at work than they do at home, it goes without saying that they want to feel comfortable and free from threats of all kind. If Texas residents feel like they are experiencing workplace discrimination, they may be justified in seeking damages for having to work in an unbearable environment. Racism is an especially troublesome sort of discrimination that many employees still contend with, even today.

Employer asks Supreme Court to reverse employee defamation award

Employment disputes range from employees being unhappy with a dress code to allegations of wrongful termination. Employees may believe they are being asked to perform duties outside the limits of their employment contract. Employers generally know they have to be very careful what they say when they are called to give a work reference for an employee or former employee. If they make disparaging statements about the person, they may find themselves the target of defamation litigation.

Texas woman files sexual harassment claim against university

According to claims made in a recent employment law case, the employee of a Texas university was fired in retaliation for refusing to have a sexual relationship with a man at her office. On Dec. 10, the female victim in this case filed a sexual harassment case via a federal court in Houston. The woman was employed by the university as a sports and recreation director after getting hired in Jan. 2011.

San Antonio retirees may face reduction in health care benefits

Recent independent studies were made by several different research organizations concerning San Antonio’s retirement plan for its city workers. The good news is that the city’s pension plan ranks with the best-funded programs of all large cities in the U.S. The bad news is that there is a problem with the funding for retirement health care benefits.

Texas military workers allege sexual harassment at Fort Hood

In a shameful turn of events, Ford Hood, Texas -- one of the revered United States military posts -- has once again made headlines. This time, the case involves the alleged sexual harassment and assault of female soldiers. The soldiers have reported that they were expected to become prostitutes for a sergeant. Now, that sergeant is being brought up on sexual harassment charges.

Houston office bullies can infringe on employee rights

The bully isn't just the stuff of childhood memories; he or she is alive and well in corporate offices around Houston and the rest of Texas. In fact, the schoolyard bully may never have changed beyond getting older. In an era where companies are concerned about employee rights, this is an issue that needs to be noticed. After all, any infringement of employee rights can lead to lawsuits, bad publicity and more. Bullies don't count on people speaking up, though, and that's where an opportunity lies for them to lose their power.

Texas worker's post-injury firing claimed to be retaliation

When you're injured on the job, you are expected to seek out medical assistance to take care of your wounds. However, it's not expected that you'll be fired after the injury in an act of retaliation by your employer. Yet one Texas worker is claiming retaliation is exactly what occurred after he essentially blew the proverbial whistle on a job-related accident.

Texas bill sparks controversy about equal compensation laws

According to some businesses and political leaders in Texas, federal laws regarding equal pay for equal job duties are all that are needed to ensure fair compensation. Not everyone agrees with this stance, and groups are organizing to protest both state government action and businesses that speak out against state legislation that would help ensure equal compensation for women.

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