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Texas women in military face sexual harassment issues

It may be unfortunate, but it's a fact: women in the military are reporting sexual harassment on the job more often than ever. It's such a prominent problem that even the Department of Defense admits that sexual harassment is happening far too often to females who choose to join the Army, Navy or other branches of the U.S. Armed Forces. This could impact many Texas women since the state is home to numerous military bases.

It is unclear why the number of sexual harassment cases has risen. A recent study has been released by the government indicating that greater than 2 percent of the women who answered an anonymous survey said they had experienced sexual harassment over a three year period. Almost 20 percent of those who had undergone deployment to areas where combat took place reported sexual harassment.

Because many women are beginning to work in military jobs formerly only open to their male counterparts, they may be at greater risk than before. The military says it wants to understand how to prevent this abuse from occurring, but that may be of little comfort to those women who have experienced or are currently experiencing this harassment. Although the military claims to be moving toward a zero tolerance policy, it is unknown when or if that will take place.

Women that have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace and believe the situation has not been appropriately handled may benefit from gaining an understanding of their legal rights. Sometimes, an employer may attempt to minimize what occurred or even take retaliatory action against a worker that complains of misconduct. However, important legal protections exist under both Texas and federal laws for those that are subjected to this intolerable form of misconduct in the workplace.

Source: Sinclair Broadcast Group, kfoxtv.com, Ruben Veloz, Oct. 9, 2013

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