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Texas hairstylists sue Hair Club for sexual harassment

Whenever a professional experiences unwanted advancements from a colleague of the opposite sex, it could become the start of a sexual harassment suit. That's why it's so important that all workers behave in a professional manner. Otherwise, a sexual harassment charge like the one alleged against the Hair Club for Men, a.k.a. Aderans American Holdings Inc., by a number of Texas hairstylists could occur.

The charges of sexual harassment were filed on Sept. 11, 2013, on behalf of numerous female stylists. The stylists were from several Texas locales, including La Marque, Spring, Pearland, Missouri City and Houston. Each stylist is stating that the male manager of the Hair Club for Men for whom they all worked is guilty of sexual harassment.

Their sexual harassment claims are varied in details, each account illustrating a different sexual harassment offense. First, their former manager is being accused of lewd, inappropriate behavior. Next, he is being reported as having touched some of the stylists in a way that was not professionally necessary. Finally, he is charged with "flashing" his genitalia to at least one of the stylists. The case may be tried before a jury.

The plaintiffs in this Texas sexual harassment suit say they tried to get the male manager to cease his actions, but instead of getting justice, they reportedly received retaliation. As with all sexual harassment employment law claims, the women must be able to provide proof that their manager acted in an unethical or illegal manner in order to get a conviction. It is unknown as to whether the Hair Club for Men or Aderans American Holdings has released a public statement regarding the case.

Source: The Southeast Texas Record, Stylists sue Hair Club for Men for sexual harassment, John Suayan, Sept. 16, 2013

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