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September 2013 Archives

Age discrimination alleged in Texas case

It would be a wonderful world if age discrimination were a thing of the past. Unfortunately, it happens in every state, including Texas. This is what the EEOC is making sure people understand with cases such as their pending lawsuit alleging that a Houston mattress corporation favored younger employees over older ones. This will be a classic case of age discrimination if the EEOC wins in court on behalf of the defendants.

Job applicant sues Texas Popeye's for discrimination

Popeye's, the shortened name for a chain of restaurants serving fried chicken and buttermilk-style biscuits throughout America, is considered one of the preeminent fast food franchises. Each Popeye's franchise location is individually owned and operated; however, it must still follow all laws regarding hiring discrimination. As with all fast food establishments, it regularly accepts job applications for prospective workers. One applicant who tried for a Popeye's job in Texas is now suing for discrimination.

Montgomery responds in Texas employment lawsuit

A former Texas police chief is now finding out how difficult life can be in the state when one lacks an employment contract. Texas is one of many “right to work” states, and when employees lack a contract, they are often at the mercy of their employer. For the former law enforcement man, the Montgomery City Council held authority over his termination, and when they wanted him out, he had little recourse.

University of Texas resignation may constitute discrimination

No institute of higher education wants to be accused in the press of discrimination, but that's what has happened for the University of Texas. There, the forced resignation of a beloved and winning track coach has many people up in arms and claiming discrimination. Many people are saying that if she had been a male coach, she would still be holding her job.

Navy sexual harassment claims on rise in Texas and beyond

The number of claims of sexual harassment in the Navy has grown around two-fold in the last 12-month period. These sexual harassment problems have affected sailors the state of Texas and beyond, and are getting the armed forces the kind of press they would rather not have. Yet, there is an upside to the reports; although it's disappointing that sexual assaults are occurring, the increase in reports may indicate that sailors feel safer than before in telling authorities about the crimes against them.

Texas hairstylists sue Hair Club for sexual harassment

Whenever a professional experiences unwanted advancements from a colleague of the opposite sex, it could become the start of a sexual harassment suit. That's why it's so important that all workers behave in a professional manner. Otherwise, a sexual harassment charge like the one alleged against the Hair Club for Men, a.k.a. Aderans American Holdings Inc., by a number of Texas hairstylists could occur.

Texas district attorney embroiled in high-profile salary dispute

Being a district attorney pays well in Texas, especially in certain counties. That is at least the case for Joe Shannon, the former state representative that was appointed as Tarrant County’s DA in 2009 by Gov. Rick Perry. His case may be one of the highest profile employment-related disputes the state will resolve this year, with employment benefits and overall compensation in question.

Office religious diversity can lead to workplace discrimination

When Texas office atmospheres become more religiously diverse, the goal of employers is usually to foster a more inclusive environment. Unfortunately, studies suggest that the opposite can often happen. For example, a recent Tanenbaum Center survey indicates that having a workplace with employees of many religious backgrounds and beliefs can actually open the door to greater workplace discrimination. This conclusion has led researches to begin investigating further into this kind of workplace discrimination phenomenon.

Texas woman sues former employer for disability discrimination

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, Texas employers are required to make reasonable accommodations for employees with disabilities. A reasonable accommodation can be a number of things - from providing workers with altered schedules or wheelchair access. A reasonable accommodation might also mean giving workers different tools to do their jobs. Unfortunately, employers often fail to provide workers with the simple accommodations they need - and have a right to - in order to do their jobs.

Sexual harassment in military not limited to Texas scandals

The high-profile military sexual harassment and abuse scandals that rocked Texas at Fort Hood and Lackland Air Force base are only the tip of the iceberg, report women who have entered into the military as their chosen professions. Roughly 6.1 percent can expect to experience some kind of sexual harassment after they enlist. This figure represents around five times more than the sexual harassment risk of an average working female in the United States.

Texas employees shouldn't have to fear sexual harassment

Anyone in the workplace could potentially fall victim of sexual harassment. While stories involving women more often make the media, it is not a gender-specific problem. A recent story involving a sexual harassment lawsuit revolving around a liquor store may be of interest to Texas residents that have faced a similar problem.

Texas man poses challenge to restrictive noncompetition clause

Businesses have an interest in protecting themselves from former employees who might provide value to other companies in the area. There are times, though, when companies overstep their bounds in an aggressive effort to restrict employee rights. That might be what happened in Texas, where a Tyler man has claimed that he should not be bound by a restrictive noncompetition clause that he never agreed to.

Dunkin' Donuts operator settles dispute over wage and hour laws

The law is designed to protect the less empowered members of society from being taken advantage of. This is especially important in the workplace where there is an inherent power structure which favors the employer over the employee. Companies in Texas and other states who break these laws could find themselves facing some costly legal consequences. One company that may have done this recently settled a dispute over alleged violations of wage and hour laws.

Sexual harassment and retaliation alleged by female electrician

In a lawsuit that echoes similar abuses that have occurred in Texas, a woman working at an electric company alleges that her time spent working there was both emotionally painful and humiliating. As the sole female electrician employed by the company, the plaintiff claims she was subjected to sexual harassment, refused opportunities, and eventually fired in retaliation for bringing the issue up with the company's owner. According to the documents filed, when the issue of harassment was brought to the company owner's attention, no investigation was made and she was not informed of any action being taken.

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