Former NBA Employee Says League Is Hostile to Moms

A former senior account manager for the NBA says that the basketball league discriminates against women with children. She filed suit in federal court recently asking for unspecified damages to compensate her for lost income after she was forced to quit her job at the NBA.

The complaint alleges that the league forced the woman and two of her female colleagues out of their jobs because they all had young children. She says that the NBA had a hostile work environment for women with children and that she in January of 2011 after working there for a decade because the league made it impossible for her to stay.

One of the specific allegations against the league is that office hours were arbitrarily changed while she was taking maternity leave, and when she returned she found that she was now required to work much later in the day with no apparent justification from the company. The altered hours meant that she had significantly higher childcare costs which were eventually overwhelming and caused her to have to leave her job.

While changing the hours might seem like a subtle or un-provable form of sex discrimination, the former employee says that there were other signs of the league's attitude towards mothers. Apparently there was open hostility towards employees with children and in addition to the change in schedule, women with children were also denied promotional opportunities and faced compensation discrimination.

If these allegations are true, then the NBA may be liable for gender discrimination.

Source: Associated Press, "Ex-NBA employee files $3M gender discrimination NY lawsuit, saying NBA is unfair to mothers," Oct. 23, 2012.