Texas A&M Police Chief Files Whistleblower Suit Against University

In 2011, the police chief at Texas A&M University-San Antonio says he was harassed by three supervisors in the Division of Finance and Administration. When he reported the harassment, he says, he only encountered retaliation and more abuse -- and was even demoted for taking a stand against his employers.

The police chief recently filed a whistleblower suit against the individual university and the larger Texas A&M university system for the workplace violations.

During the harassment last year, the police chief went to the university president and complained. She responded by promoting the chief to vice president of campus security -- putting him under her supervision, not that of the three alleged perpetrators.

But that didn't fix the situation. Employees of the finance division continued to harass the man and he says his email account was purged of emails relating to the situation. When he brought this to the university president, he was demoted back to his original position and then placed on leave after filing a discrimination complaint with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. He has since been reinstated.

As you can see, situations where an employer is backed against a wall for reporting illegal activity can be complicated. But the person reporting the illegal activity is protected by whistleblower laws, which guard the employee from being unfairly treated for alerting officials to the illegal activity. Without these laws, corruption could run rampant in the business world, unchecked by people close to the situation who may have knowledge of something illegal or immoral.

Source: San Antonio Express-News, "A&M-S.A. top cop files whistle-blower lawsuit," Jennifer R. Lloyd, Nov. 26, 2012