Department of Justice: Corpus Christi Police Discriminate Against Women in Hiring

For the past two and a half years, the U.S. Department of Justice has been investigating the Corpus Christi Police Department for their hiring practices. After concluding its investigation, the Justice Department said that the city doesn't hire enough women, because they administer a physical fitness test that favors men. A report said that Corpus Christi discriminated against women by having a benchmark for physical fitness that is the same as men. The test included push-ups, running a certain distance and other physical activities.

This discrimination has led the Justice Department to request that the city hire women that they have previously turned away and grant them seniority and back pay for the time that they were not hired. The test in this case was so far favorable to men that 63 percent of men passed, while only 19 percent of women did so.

Employment discrimination can be common across the United States and in Corpus Christi. Many people might feel that they were turned away for not passing a test or not qualifying for the job. However, in this case, the requirements themselves were discriminatory, making it much more difficult for one group of people to even be considered for employment.

People work hard to be able to land their dream job. Unfair job requirements shouldn't leave a person that has worked so hard to get the proper training and education wondering how they will ever be employed. It is important that all employers give an equal opportunity for employment as required by law.

Source: Reuters, "U.S. says Texas police department discriminated against women," James B. Kelleher, July 3, 2012