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December 2012 Archives

Huffington Post cleared after appeal by bloggers fails

There are some Houston residents out there who probably feel that one of their ideas was used by their employer, but they were never given proper credit. This concept is a little different than performing your job and the company benefitting from it; but the feeling could be pretty similar if you feel the work you did was above your job criteria, and if the company benefitted in an exceptional way.

NHL makes new contract offer to players' union

Although Texas isn't a state known for outdoor hockey rinks, many people in the state enjoy watching or participating in the sport. That's why many were disappointed to learn that the Texas Stars season had been put on hold due to a player lockout this season.

Labor Department investigations uncover many workplace violations

Many workers in Texas who do not have high-paying jobs may feel as though they have no options if they are being treated unfairly by their employers. People who work in service industry jobs such as busboys, servers or cooks often don't have many options for other kinds of jobs.

Dillard's settles with EEOC over health discrimination lawsuit

Texas residents are very familiar with Dillard's, a higher-end retailer that is heavily concentrated in the Lone Star State. The company gives off an air of class -- but, as it turns out, their employment practices behind the curtain are far less respectable than that appearance.

Subtle bias may be leading to pregnancy, parenting discrimination

Many Texas readers are probably aware that pregnancy discrimination is still a major problem in this country despite the significant gains made in legal protections for pregnant employees. What many people do not know is that the discrimination often does not end when the employee returns to work, and that discrimination against employees who have significant parental responsibilities.

Definition of supervisor is crucial in workplace harassment cases

What, exactly, makes a supervisor? This is probably not something many Houston residents consider on a day-to-day basis, even when they are at work. But it is particularly important for people who have endured racial or sexual harassment on the job, because it can affect the outcome of their civil case.

Companies are more open to online shopping during work hours

It's the holiday season -- and as such, that means it's time to start shopping for gifts. With every passing holiday season, more and more people take to the internet to get their holiday shopping done. No lines; less hassle; more convenient; really, what more could a holiday shopper ask for?

Does FMLA leave 'count' during work holidays?

At this time of year, between voluntary leave for holiday travel, work holidays, and the potential for FMLA -- there's a lot to take into account in regards to time off. FMLA regulations state that if a holiday takes place during a full week taken as part of FMLA leave, the whole week is considered FMLA. On the other hand, if the FMLA leave is used as less than one week, the holiday is still a holiday and does not count against the FMLA entitlement, unless the employee was scheduled to work on the holiday.

Following medical leave, employee's workload should be reduced

The Family Medical Leave Act is a very important piece of federal legislation that allows employees who have extenuating family situations or medical conditions to take time off of work (up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave per year). The reasons for using such leave can be for a happy occasion, like the birth of a child; or it can be for a less-than-fortunate situation, such as a serious illness. But no matter the reason, employers cannot interfere with your right to such leave.

Texas whistleblower sues aircraft company for retaliation

A Texas woman who worked as a quality control manager working for Boeing says that she was fired from her job at the aircraft manufacturer after she reported to her supervisors that some planes made for military cargo shipping were not airworthy. She says that the company ordered her to violate federal safety laws and modify the documentation association with those plans so that they would be considered airworthy.

EEOC says national origin complaints are dramatically rising

The best workplaces are not hard to identify. You will see employees buzzing around and making sure the tasks at hand are done properly; you will see a group of people collaborating and optimizing their processes; and you will find great chemistry amongst the employees, a kind of friendly atmosphere that makes everyone comfortable when they are in the office. This kind of atmosphere allows employees to enjoy their work, while also enjoying the people they work with.

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