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November 2012 Archives

Texas A&M police chief files whistleblower suit against university

In 2011, the police chief at Texas A&M University-San Antonio says he was harassed by three supervisors in the Division of Finance and Administration. When he reported the harassment, he says, he only encountered retaliation and more abuse -- and was even demoted for taking a stand against his employers.

Prominent NBA agent's contract dispute nets him $85K for troubles

An NBPA-certified player-agent agent who represents NBA and college basketball players recently emerged from an employment dispute with an $85,000 jury award for his emotional distress. The initial dispute arose when he left long-time employer Priority Sports and Entertainment for an exciting opportunity at rival company Creative Artists Agency.

Paramedic fired for posting unprofessional status about patient

During the rise of Facebook's popularity, many people in Houston heard about the dangers presented by the social networking site. Sure, Facebook was well-intentioned; and most of its users really enjoyed the service it provided, and still do.

If unreported, sexual harassment can lead to "double victimization"

When an individual is subjected to mistreatment, it is human nature for outsiders to feel empathy for that mistreated person. However, new research suggests that when it comes to mistreatment characterized by sexual harassment, observers tend to condemn victims they believe to be passive in response to this mistreatment.

Texas hotel reprimanded for wage violations, must repay employees

A Double Tree hotel in Richardson, Texas has been cited by the U.S. Department of Labor for violating federal wage and hour laws. After an investigation into the hotel, the Department of Labor determined that the hotel violated the Fair Labor Standards Act, with specific violations regarding minimum wage, overtime pay and financial bookkeeping.

Dealing with age discrimination

Age discrimination is shockingly prevalent in the hiring process these days, despite the fact that it is illegal under state and federal employment laws. For many Texas job seekers, this can be incredibly frustrating and can make the difficult economy seem even worse.

Woman claims Waffle House CEO forced her into sexual favors

The Chief Executive Officer of Waffle House has been sued by a former employee for sexual harassment. The case came to light in early September, but the woman who filed the lawsuit had to rescind it and then refile the claim in a different county.

Texas man fired, discriminated against because of disability

Sometimes when you hear stories that involve discrimination and the workplace, you wonder just how bad it must be at a business or institution for such attitudes to be allowed. Basing any employment decision simply because of one factor -- may it be race, religion, gender, etc. -- is illegal and absolutely devastating to the victimized employee.

Knowing your rights under the FMLA

It's so important for Texas employees to know their rights under the Family Medical Leave Act. The law provides for up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave each year for a personal illness or to care for a family member who is ill. The FMLA also provides for maternity and paternity leave for new parents.

How to recognize workplace discrimination of military veterans

With Veterans Day just around the corner, many residents in Houston, across Texas and all around the U.S. will celebrate the service of past and present military members. Their selfless act to protect the country is greatly appreciated, and it deserves praise and respect.

Texas woman's FMLA claim denied because of late notification

Federal laws are in place to protect workers' rights in Texas and throughout the country. In particular, the Family and Medical Leave Act is designed to protect workers' employment when unexpected medical issues arise, including pregnancy, illness or the need to care for a family member. But to take advantage of these important benefits, Texans need to be aware of the relevant filing deadlines and paperwork.

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