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September 2012 Archives

Lawmakers, teachers clash over Texas pension funds

Teacher's groups and Texas lawmakers are continuing to debate the future of the state pension fund, which reports indicate may face funding shortfalls in the future. Texas legislators have proposed a plan to cut pensions for teachers in order to close budget gaps. There has also been a suggestion to switch future teachers over to a 401(k) plan like those popular in the private sector, rather than continuing to commit to pensions.

Spokesman for Alamo fired, sues for sexual harassment

While many people will immediately assume that a sexual harassment case involved a man making unwanted advances towards a woman, it is not uncommon for the situation to be flipped. No matter the details, sexual harassment in the workplace can result in a number of negative side effects for the whole organization. The workplace can become unsettled; there can be retaliation concerns; and, most importantly, the victim is left feeling unsafe, vulnerable and embarrassed.

Filipino employees earn large settlement in discrimination case

The Civil Rights Act of 1991 is an incredibly important piece of U.S. legislation that gives certain protections and abilities to employees involved in discrimination cases. One of the rights granted by this statute is that the party that was discriminated against is eligible for financial compensation should they prove that the discrimination they experienced was deliberate on the part of the defendant.

Kidney condition leads to possible disability discrimination

A man is suing his former employer after being terminated for what he believes were illegal reasons. The man says that his employer discriminated against him based on his disability even though he was still able to complete his job duties.

Lawsuit says Texas company withheld wages from disabled workers

There are certain rights that you have as an employee that should not be infringed upon, and one of the most important of these is your right to fair and equitable wages. Your pay cannot be tampered with by your employee, nor can they utilize tactics to illegally short you when payday comes around.

Goodwill accused of underpaying disabled employees

Charitable organization Goodwill has been accused of underpaying disabled employees, according to recent calls for a boycott initiated by the National Federation of the Blind. A spokesperson for the disability rights group says that Goodwill and many other organizations are taking advantage of a loophole in the Fair Labor Standards Act that provides for an exemption from the federal minimum wage.

Woman receives settlement in case of double retaliation

While some may read that title and think it is a reference to "double secret probation" from the movie "Animal House," the fact is a woman was wrongfully terminated twice, by two different companies, in retaliatory fashion. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed the lawsuit with the woman, which was settled recently for $62,500.

One in five whistleblowers experience retaliation at work

A recent study from the Ethics Resource Center indicates that the rate of retaliation against whistleblowers is on the rise. One in five workers who reported legal or ethical misconduct such as fraud or discrimination experienced retaliation as a result of the report.

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