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August 2012 Archives

Houston restaurant failed to respond to sexual harassment claims

In 2007, a young woman was hired as a supervisor at a Houston-area Luby's restaurant. Even though she was not as old as many people in management positions, her employer saw her talent and gave her an opportunity to succeed. Unfortunately, her expectations of a supportive and healthy workplace fell short.

Texas case tackles nuance of pregnancy discrimination law

A Texas woman's employment discrimination case has gained national attention as the 5th circuit appeals court prepares to determine the boundaries of pregnancy discrimination. The question in this case is whether lactation is a "pregnancy-related condition" within the meaning of the amended version of Title VII of the Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978.

Texas man wins lawsuit after his weight led to firing

The Americans with Disabilities Act is a hugely important piece of legislation that protects the civil rights of disabled individuals. Namely, the ADA says that disabled people cannot be discriminated against -- and the law has been amended numerous times in its existence to improve and clarify the law.

Texas woman sues over denied FMLA leave

A resident of Montgomery County, Texas recently filed a lawsuit against her former employer, a local hospital. The lawsuit alleges that the hospital prevent her from taking leave under the Family Medical Leave Act, which provides for unpaid leave for up to 12 weeks each year and prohibits employers from interfering with that leave or retaliating against employees who take the leave.

Steel mill pays out religious discrimination claim

Texas may not have steel mills like Pittsburgh and Indiana, but a religious discrimination claim can be filed in any of the United States. A Christian man was hired to work in the steel mill under the condition that he would not be required to work consecutive Sundays. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has reported that the company forced the man to choose between working his Sunday shift or losing his employment, and he was ultimately terminated. The man only worked two weeks for the company before they refused to attempt to accommodate as required by federal law.

Interns sue Fox over minimum wage violations

Former interns of Fox Entertainment Group are seeking to expand an already large class action lawsuit against the company, alleging that their internship program violated federal minimum wage and overtime laws. The lawsuit was initially brought by two interns who were associated with the production of the Black Swan and named only Fox Searchlight, but attorneys representing them now say it's become clear that the same problems affected many more interns throughout Fox.

Sexual assault scandal continues to shock Texas Air Force base

Another former instructor from Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas was sentenced this week as a part of the ongoing investigation and trials for alleged sexual assaults of new recruits. The revelation that many recruits were being victimized by instructors has sent shockwaves through the community at Lackland and the military community as a whole.

Discrimination suit filed against anti-discrimination agency

In 2011, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission dealt with 25,742 complaints that involved employees who were discriminated against because of a disability. The EEOC is the agency that enforces federal legislation and regulation regarding discrimination in the workplace.

Wage theft increases in 2012

This year has seen a record number of claims that employers are not paying employees the wages that they are entitled to. Employees are protected from wage theft by the Fair Labor Standards Act, and so far at least 7,064 claims have been filed under that law in 2012. To put this number in perspective, only about 2,000 claims were filed in 2002.

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