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July 2012 Archives

Violation of wage laws lands Texas employer in hot water

It may be happening on the other side of Texas, but a violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act by a company in McAllen serves as a reminder to Houston residents that dishonest employers can, and should, be held accountable for any underhanded tactics. There are federal laws that protect you from retaliation should you report violations about your employer so that employees don't feel bullied in to staying quiet.

Texas farm workers sue agricultural company for poor conditions

Many in Texas are aware of the naturally rough conditions that farm workers in the state must face. In addition to hot weather and difficult manual labor, many workers on farms in Texas spend much of the year moving among different locations depending on where the harvest is. The industry practice is for the employer to provide temporary housing to the workers while they are at a particular location and the conditions for that arrangement are usually a part of the whole agreement that the workers make with the company that hires them.

Former workers allege employer had 'policy of discrimination'

While the specialty clothing retailer Wet Seal claims that they are an "equal opportunity employer," the allegations they face from a wave of employees say otherwise. Three employees have filed a lawsuit against the company after they were let go due to a "policy and practice" of discrimination.

Texas disability department accused of disability discrimination

The Texas Department of Aging and Disability has been sued by a former employee for wrongful termination. She says that the fired her because of her hearing impairment, which is a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act and Texas employment law.

What happens to a Texas employee who uses up all his FMLA leave?

Most of us in Texas have at least heard of the Family and Medical Leave Act and the Americans With Disabilities Act. These landmark pieces of federal legislation greatly shored up the concept of employees' rights.

Public outraged as lifeguard saves life, gets fired for it

If someone was in a life-threatening situation and it was your job to save lives, you would act immediately, right? You would not think about the rules your company has regarding your actions, nor would you think about imaginary boundaries that restrict where you are allowed to save a person's life. It would just be the instincts of a good employee -- and a good Samaritan.

Texas police department discriminated against women with test

The Corpus Christi, Texas police department (and the city itself) has come under fire recently for hiring practices that seem to violate employment discrimination laws. If true, the violations could also make the city and police department liable in a discrimination lawsuit, one that could give the victims a chance at compensatory awards.

Department of Justice: Corpus Christi police discriminate against women in hiring

For the past two and a half years, the U.S. Department of Justice has been investigating the Corpus Christi Police Department for their hiring practices. After concluding its investigation, the Justice Department said that the city doesn't hire enough women, because they administer a physical fitness test that favors men. A report said that Corpus Christi discriminated against women by having a benchmark for physical fitness that is the same as men. The test included push-ups, running a certain distance and other physical activities.

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