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June 2012 Archives

Celine Dion's former employee files wage-and-hour lawsuit against star

Welcome to our employment law blog. We hope that readers in the San Antonio area will find this to be a resource for news and information on the field of law that governs the relationship people have with their jobs and with their employers. Although you may not hear about this area very much, it is more important than you might think. After all, we all need jobs, so employment law touches our daily lives even if we are not aware of it.

Texas woman alleges discrimination after second pregnancy

While pregnancy can be a trying time for most women, it is also a beautiful and celebratory time. Having a child completes a married couple's dream of having a family. What pregnancy is not supposed to be is a nightmare -- and if a Texas woman's discrimination lawsuit is true, her employer will be guilty of treating the woman in an illegal manner after she found out she was pregnant for the second time in two years.

Employee rights issue brewing as hospital refuses to hire smokers

When someone decides to smoke cigarettes, they are free to make that choice. When someone hires a job applicant, they cannot make the decisions based on biased or discriminatory factors.

Sexual harassment, discrimination claims made against venture firm

Sexual harassment is unacceptable anywhere, but in a workplace environment it can create extremely disturbing dynamics amongst employees. Someone can feel violated or uncomfortable at work, and that doesn't just affect the victim -- it can permeate an entire office and split the workforce. For the victim, they can feel so offended and unsafe at their job that they feel they have nowhere to turn.

CFO fired for leaking 'company information through social media'

A few weeks ago, we discussed the dangers posed to employees (prospective or current) by posting potentially costly information on social networking sites for all to see (such as an employer -- again, prospective or current). It is a particularly important topic when you consider that some lawmakers are trying to get your Facebook login and password, and that the National Labor Relations Board says that many companies use social media policies that are "unlawfully broad."

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