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April 2012 Archives

Religious discrimination claimed in Texas IHOP firings

It doesn't matter what rung of the company ladder a person happens to stand on, the law in Texas and the rest of the United States makes it clear you can't be discriminated against on the basis of color, race or national origin. Religious affiliation carries protected status, as well. When those rights are violated, an attorney can help protect them and make the case for appropriate compensation.

Galveston Co. focus of harassment, wrongful firing complaints

Some questionable workplace issues in the Galveston County District Clerk's office are getting a very public airing. Not only are allegations of sexual harassment reportedly being leveled against District Clerk Jason Murray, there are claims a woman who filed the complaint against Murray was the victim of wrongful termination in retaliation for her action.

Forth Worth firefighters sue city to reverse overtime wage rules

Paying the laborer his or her due is a baseline tenet of good business. Most employers live up to that rule as a matter of personal integrity. Others live up to it because it's required by law. There are some, and Texas has its share, who look to skirt the obligation. Holding them accountable sometimes requires the help of experienced wage and hour attorneys.

Victoria hospital's job seeker obesity policy spurs debate

Employers in Texas violate the law if they base decisions against hiring someone on race, age or religion. Someone who is a victim of such workplace discrimination is eligible to pursue a legal claim for just compensation. If a prospective employee is overweight, however, there's no law against a business denying them a position.

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