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March 2012 Archives

NLRB launching drive to raise worker rights awareness

A great number of actions can result in an ethical worker winding up on the receiving end of illegal employer retaliation. There are laws in Texas intended to protect employees from these kinds of actions, but they may go unused because individuals don't know about them. Those who suspect they've been the victim of such action can make more informed decisions if they consult an attorney for honest, practical advice.

Will Austin go to city's limits to get bigger bite of Apple?

On its face, it would seem that Austin has a lot going for it as it tries to get a commitment from Apple Inc. to build the company's latest campus expansion in the capital city. Austin already plays host to about 3,500 Apple Americas Operations jobs, mostly in the areas of sales, administration and finance. And the computer technology juggernaut is looking to expand those operations.

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