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Resolving Employment Law Issues In The Rio Grande Valley

At Kennard Law, P.C, we dedicated our practice to resolving the legal issues facing employees. From our office in Harlingen, we pursue the rights of employees throughout the Rio Grande Valley.

Employees in the Rio Grande Valley area who are experiencing employment law issues can benefit from having a skilled lawyer in their corner. At Kennard Law, P.C., our attorneys have defended both employers and employees in litigation, meaning we know how your employer will put its case together against you.

This gives us a huge advantage when defending your rights in court. We fully understand both sides of employment law litigation and will aggressively defend your best interests at every corner.

Put our experience on your side. Call 713-742-0900 to speak to one of our accomplished employment lawyers.

We are equipped to handle all types of employment law matters, including:

  • Discrimination
  • Wrongful termination and layoffs
  • Retaliation
  • Whistleblower and Qui Tam claims
  • Unemployment hearings
  • Sexual harassment
  • Employment contracts, including noncompete and severance agreements
  • Wage and hour claims

Our Harlingen office is located in the heart of the Rio Grande Valley, where many people make a living in the health care industry. Harlingen is home to the nationally renowned Harlingen Medical Center as well as facilities such as Valley Baptist Medical Center, Solara Hospital, Valley Diagnostic Clinic, The Regional Academy Health Center, Su Clinica Familiar and Valley AirCare, Inc., VA Health Care Center, The Harlingen Ambulatory Surgery and Specialty Outpatient Center and The Rio Grande State Center.

Harlingen is located in close proximity to the Gulf of Mexico, with the Port of Harlingen providing economic opportunity for many in the Rio Grande Valley.

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