Houston Wage And Hour Attorneys

The federal government maintains numerous laws in order to protect employees from unfair wage practices. These laws were established to ensure that workers are not taken advantage of by unscrupulous employers. Many times, however, it can be hard to spot a violation of these laws. Maybe you were asked to work extra hours here and there during a busy period and not compensated. Perhaps your employer is withholding a portion of your wages. Or do you wonder if your job has been classified incorrectly in order to avoid paying you overtime?

If you have any doubt as to your employer's wage and hour actions, the best step you can take is to contact a qualified law firm to discuss your case.

Helping Victims Of Wage And Hour Violations

Kennard Law, P.C., is a highly regarded employment law firm that helps individuals who have been the victim of illegal wage and hour violations. Our skilled lawyers help a wide range of employees, from immigrant workers to hourly wage earners. If you feel your wage and hour rights have been violated, it is important to document each incident and collect any hard evidence that you can find, such as e-mails, memos and time cards.

Wage and hour laws are extremely complex, and there are various nuances to the classifications of exempt and nonexempt. Our dedicated legal team is highly knowledgeable on all aspects of these federal laws and can help you determine if you have a solid claim. Many employers will try to justify their offense to you or provide you with false information on what is considered illegal. Our firm will ensure that you are treated fairly and are able to collect any compensation to which you are entitled.

We can help you get the outcome you deserve if you have been harmed by wage and hour violations such as:

  • Failure to pay overtime to nonexempt employees (time and a half pay for work preformed beyond 40 hours a week)
  • Failure to pay wages earned and due, including sales commission
  • Failure to pay minimum wage for covered nonexempt employees ($7.25 as of July 24, 2009)
  • Improper classification of a worker, resulting in unfair pay
  • Improper classification of exempt versus nonexempt employees
  • Forcing employees to work through meal or breaks
  • An employer using your tip pool to pay non-tipped employees

Unpaid Wages? Denied Overtime? Turn To Kennard Law, P.C.

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