Proven Representation For Your Unemployment Hearing

You may file a claim for unemployment benefits through the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) if you were laid off, or if you quit because of health concerns or with another good cause. You may even be eligible if you were fired for poor performance of your duties. However, be aware that employers will often fight back to avoid the cost of these claims. Protect your rights by enlisting a Houston unemployment hearing lawyer.

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Was Your Unemployment Claim Denied?

Were you terminated because of misconduct? Did you quit without good cause? These are two legitimate reasons for denial of an unemployment claim. If your claim was denied and you believe it should have been approved, Kennard Law, P.C., will help you take the next step. We will help you get the benefits you need during this transition period in your life.

The Appeal Tribunal

If your unemployment claim was wrongfully denied, our attorneys will proceed with an appeal to the Appeal Tribunal. An unemployment hearing will be scheduled. At this hearing, both the employer and employee will be allowed to present evidence and argue their case. We will take care to gather all of the necessary evidence, including documentation and witness statements, to make it clear that you are eligible for unemployment benefits. You will benefit from having a skilled trial attorney on your side.

Meet With An Experienced Texas Unemployment Attorney

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