Sound Counsel For Severance Agreements

When offered a severance package, it is important for an employee to understand the employer's motivations, the potential repercussions and the benefits before signing the agreement. Often, these are offered to high-ranking employees so the employer can avoid being the target of a lawsuit over some wrongdoing.

At Kennard Law, P.C., our first step is to review the situation to determine if there may be some other claim that the employee does not want to waive the right to by signing the severance agreement. If there is, and the potential benefits of that claim exceed those offered in the agreement, we can assist in filing the lawsuit and taking action against the employer.

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Review And Negotiation Of Severance Agreements

Our Houston severance agreement lawyers will conduct a severance review, analyzing the agreement. We understand the language used in these agreements, and can identify anything that is unclear or could open the door to potential repercussions. Handling these agreements with frequency means we understand the benefits that you should be offered based on your industry, the company and your position within the company.

If we determine that the agreement as written does not meet your needs, we will conduct a severance negotiation to help you get all you are entitled to. Ultimately, our goal is to make certain that you are adequately protected and compensated as you transition out of your position and begin to look for a position elsewhere.

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