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Obtaining Fair Severance For Individuals In Texas

If you have been fired or laid off after years of dedicated service to your company, it can be a devastating blow. While employers are not required to offer a severance package in these events, many do. Your first impulse may be to accept the plan and move on with your life. The reality is, your employer will probably not present its best offer upfront and, legally, you may be entitled to more. In addition, your acceptance of the offer might include a stipulation that bans you from taking any legal recourse down the road.

Dedicated Attorneys Negotiating Post-Termination Severance Workouts

Depending on your claims, you may have more negotiating power than you might think. At Kennard Law, P.C., we can help you analyze your offer and provide the best chance for obtaining a better deal. For you, our client, our firm can negotiate a severance package that may include a monetary payout, unused sick and vacation pay, continued 401(k) contributions or medical insurance, or a release from a non-compete agreement.

Our lawyers represent employees at all levels, from executives to middle management. Under typical circumstances, your company will be more likely to negotiate a severance agreement if you have solid claims you could bring against it in a lawsuit. Members of a protected class, such as those based on race, age, disability and religion, will be in a better position to barter with their employer if they agree to dismiss their right to future litigation.

Our firm can advise you on the merits of your claim and will provide practical and obtainable solutions to help you achieve a better settlement offer. Our skilled attorneys will also protect your rights to COBRA, disability insurance and retirement accounts, and can shield you from unfair non-compete clauses.

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